LA Ruby

5th meetup

The group met at the offices this Thursday for what turned out to be a pretty full lineup of talks. Doug McInnes talked about Craken, a Rails plugin to manage and deploy cron jobs. Pete Elmore gave a spirited demonstration of LiveConsole, filled with argument, rejoicing, insult and insight.  Cory O’Daniel showed off WarningShot, a framework for cataloging, checking and fixing application dependencies.

The presentations were followed up by chatting and a little hacking.  All three talks provided plenty of fodder for discussion and a bit of tomfoolery.

Next Meetup: 9/18/08

The next meetup is tomorrow night at the LA Times. Nate Murray will talk about something he’s just finished - the first version of a Ruby/C library for the Apriori algorithm for finding association rules between items that are frequently purchased together. Jacob Dunphy and Giles Bowkett will give lightning talks.

3rd Meetup

Last night was the third meetup. Alf Mikula showed off Keyword Prospector, a really excellent library which builds precomputed Aho-Corasick state machines to find arbitrary keywords within arbitrary text. Alf showed us a detailed graph explaining the algorithm and demonstrated its usefulness first by having it outperform a regex search by orders of magnitude, and then having it easily and quickly handle searches simply too big for a naive regex implementation (and which caused a RegexpError: regex too big I’d never even seen before). Keyword Prospector’s written in pure Ruby. Alf also cautioned us to use the Queue objects inside the standard library’s Threads rather than using Arrays as queues, for performance reasons.

Not to be outdone, Dan Yoder presented his Waves framework, which approaches the same problem space as Rails routes from a functional programming perspective, and sees HTTP verbs as functions as well. Dan also showed us Functor, which allows you to do Haskell-style pattern-matching function definitions in Ruby. Then we played ping-pong, hacked, chatted, and ate pizza. All in all a pretty good meetup.

Next Meeting: Aug. 21st, Pasadena

The next meeting of the LA Ruby user group will be in Pasadena on Thursday, August 21st.

CPO Commerce, Inc.
120 W. Bellevue Drive, Suite 300
Pasadena, CA 91105

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The space at CPO comes via Nate Murray. Thanks to Nate and CPO for hosting!

As with last month, the meetup is at 7pm, and there will be a swank poolside afterparty in Glendale around 9pm. Expect hack sessions, code swapping, help for newbies, and pizza, plus a lightning talk on keyword prospector (and the Aho-Corasick algorithm behind it) from Alf Mikula.